Alon Kiriati

Alon Kiriati

Alon Kiriati

  • Tech lead @ Dropbox

About Alon

A full stack developer for the last 10+ years. I started from the very low level of RT/Embedded and went all the way "up" to react/js. Enthusiastic about culture, tech, product and ping pong. I believe everything in the world can be expressed with emojis, and usually check that every textbox I encounter supports them 👻

Monitoring at scale: detecting & fixing ineffective code

After a few months of hard work & extensive testing, we launched our new shiny feature. The first few hours after the launch were calm and nobody could have guessed what was about to happen. Shortly after the full rollout, pages started to stall, users experimented timeouts and system health dropped. At that point we decided to turn on the kill switch and spend the next couple of weeks investigating our code’s efficiency. In this talk I will cover what we did to find the bottleneck, analyze it and finally optimize our code to run 5 times faster.


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