The Serverless Panacea… Or Not?

The term “serverless” has become a trendy buzzword: if you don’t have the checkbox ticked, you’re not cool anymore. Really?

Spoiler alert: There may be servers involved in serverless solutions. It’s not just about function-as-a-service. And it’s actually more complicated than it may seem!

But first, let’s come back to the basics: what is serverless exactly, where does it come from, what are its characteristics? Then, beyond the definition, we’ll discuss the challenges, and the risks associated with serverless architectures. Eventually, going further, we’ll think about where serverless is heading in the near future.

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Guillaume Laforge
Guillaume Laforge

Guillaume Laforge is Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform, at day, and at night, he is a Java Champioin, wears his Apache Groovy hat.


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